Are you feeling unattractive? Unconfident? In need of aura revelation? Having difficulty in finding partner? Always unfortunate in love? Is your partner cheating on you? Do you want to lock his/her heart? Do you want to have a love power to make you loved by many people, including your superior?  – The solution is Love Stone Magic.

Love Stone Magic

A Spiritual Means for Love Power & Attraction


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For a moment, stop whatever activity you are doing right now to read this important information. Who knows, maybe this is the one magical object you currently need.

Love Stone Magic is a magical object in form of crystal stone which radiates affection energy. It functions as a high level love power, by which it helps making someone love you, successing in romance, finding lovematch, household peace and radiating inner beauty, charisma, charm and natural attraction. With Love Stone Magic, you will be more loved by everyone who interacts with you.

Love Stone Magic can be used by both men and women above the age of 17. It’s applicable for everyone, unbound by religion since Love Stone Magic is processed by using universal energy which is focused on mind power. No certain requirement, no prohibition. You don’t need to conduct any ritual, fasting, nor to recite charms or wirid. Love Stone Magic is a practical spiritual product which is ready to use with no necessity to conduct your own ritual.

Love Stone Magic is a masterpiece of Guru Masrukhan, a spiritual consultant in lead of Nusantara Parapsychology Association. It is processed seriously by mustering all inner powers to give the best result we can provide.

Please take a look at these experiences of Love Stone Magic users below…

Being More Attractive Without Susuk

(susuk= small piece of gold or diamond inserted in the face as magical charm to improve one’s beauty).

At first I intended to apply beauty susuk as done by my friend who looked prettier after applying one. But people told me that applying susuk was risky and even sinful, so I searched for an alternative. I knew about after someone who had been using Love Stone Magic informed me about it. I was immediately interested with it’s benefits which are similar to benefits of beauty susuk. Long story short, I ordered a purple Love Stone Magic. I’ve been wearing it for 4 months now. Many friends wonder and ask me what kind of beauty treatment I’ve been doing. They think my aura now shines and I look a lot more attractive. After using Love Stone Magic, my husband spends more time at home. Our marital relationship is as passionate as it used to be when we were still newlyweds. That’s what I can share. Thank you.

Mrs.  Sinta – Tangerang

Getting a Girlfriend I Expected

For over a year I’ve been struggling to gain affection of a certain someone, whom I finally got after using Love Stone Magic. I had been using several paranormal services, including ones who claimed to be in possession of high level ilmu pelet (magical knowledge whereby a person is made to fall in love). But none worked yet. Because of these failures in inner efforts, I initially wasn’t sure of Love Stone Magic. But I didn’t want to lose any chance, so I ordered one. It turned out to be suitable for me, so the woman I had been loving is now my girlfriend. What I feel is, Love Stone Magic reacts gently and slowly in growing love on someone. Even so, the result is real. Within less than six weeks after using Love Stone Magic, the one I adore somehow started to like me. She, who used to reject and avoid me, now misses me a lot. I suggest you who are fighting for love, try Love Stone Magic to smoothen your effort. Good Luck!

Henry – Banyuwangi

My Husband Loves Me More & Never Cheats Again

To me, my husband is a kindhearted man who loves his family more than anything. I couldn’t really blame him for cheating on me because in his business, he was always surrounded by beautiful women. Whereas I was getting old and unattractive. I was indeed brokenhearted when I found out that he was seeking solace in another woman’s company. But what could I do? I only prayed and prayed to God for giving me solution. Unintentionally, I found Love Stone Magic from it’s website. The result was more than what I expected. I didn’t know how, gradually he started to lessen his bad habit of visiting night clubs. He no longer works overtime, except when there is a job that needs to be done. In his sparetime, he now prefers staying home or taking me and our children out. I never expected him to change so drastically. 

Mrs.  Martha – Jakarta

My Friends and Their Compliments

I’m a college student in a well-known university in Jakarta. Several months ago, I was socially awkward and unconfident. Mostly due to my unattractive look. No guy ever approached me. Even if there was, he must be none of my type. At first I was reluctant to use Love Stone Magic, because I was afraid of idolatry. But after reading explanation on it’s website (, I became convinced to order Love Stone Magic. After several weeks of using it, many friends say I changed. They tell me that I’m now sweeter, sexier, more appealing. I become more confident, then. Now many cool guys approach me, but I have yet to decide which one I should choose because every one of them is good. Undoubtedly, I’m so glad for having this fantastic Love Stone Magic. Thanks a lot and wish Guru Masrukhan and team of Nusantara Parapsychology Association a great success.

Cyntia Cecilia – Bandung

Business Goes Well

After using Love Stone Magic, my business goes better than before. It’s really of benefit to make me deemed more reliable and preferred by bussiness relations or clients. Before using Love Stone Magic, I used to try so hard to get people agreeing on my proposal. Now everything is fast and easy. When I deliver a presentation or offer, many people are interested. Love Stone Magic is truly magical. Thanks to Guru Masrukhan for creating Love Stone Magic. Wish you a great success in your spiritual works.

Ganjar Haryo Wibowo – Semarang

Those are some experiences shared to us by Love Stone Magic users. If you want to read more testimonies, please see them on page TESTIMONIES.

Three Important Facts You Must Know

FACT #1: Being attractive doesn’t mean you have to be beautiful/gorgeous. You can see people around you, many of them aren’t considered pretty, but somehow they are deemed attractive in a way. Those who radiate their natural attraction are usually more successful in everything they do, simply because people tend to like them more.

FACT #2: Actually, everyone – including you – was born with natural attraction. Want some proof? Look at newborn babies and innocent children. They have their own attraction that makes people bestow them with sincere love. But as we grew up, our natural attraction have been veiled with negative thoughts, bad experiences, bad habits, mistakes, sins or karma we did ourselves.

FACT #3: There are many ways to reopen your natural attraction, such as by aura cleaning, cakra activation, meditation, astral body cleansing, practicing certain prayers, mantra, or using Love Stone Magic. All those ways are good, but the easiest one is using Love Stone Magic. You only need to wear it everyday to feel it’s benefit. It’s been proven by hundreds of people before you, that after using Love Stone Magic, their lives became lovelier and livelier.

What are the benefits of Love Stone Magic?

Love Stone Magic helps you look more attractive, while at the same time emerging your natural love power to make someone falls in in love with you. All your problems concerning romance, by God’s will should be solved with Love Stone Magic as a medium. Love Stone Magic is a spiritual product which is specially designed for love power and attraction. Below we name some benefits of Love Stone Magic:

  1. Revealing a woman’s aura to make her look more attractive.

  2. Revealing a man’s aura to make him look charming.

  3. Emerging inner beauty and natural attraction as possessed by each human being.

  4. Your face will glow and radiate pleasurable aura to those looking at you.

  5. Everyone (friends, neighbors, co-workers, superiors and people who know you) will love you more.

  6. Anyone who looks at you will immediately take a liking and align him/herself with you, so it will be easier for you in all affairs.

  7. Loved and liked by many people to avoid enmity and hatred.

  8. Gaining favour in social intercourse. You will be loved by those who interact with you.

  9. If you have a boss, he/she will like you more. With Love Stone Magic as medium, you can soften a strict-hearted boss to be an affectionate one.

  10. People who want to cause you harm will turn to love you so they cease their intentions. Energy radiation of Love Stone Magic can convert anger/hatred into love.

  11. Eliminating misfortunes in love. Very suitable for you who are often brokenhearted, cheated by your partner or having difficulties in finding a lovematch.

  12. Preserving relationship. Your significant other will always faithfully stay in your side. You need not to worry that your partner will leave you for someone else.

  13. When used for presenting in public (giving speech, singing, preaching), it will make many people drawn to you.

  14. If you’re in trouble (e.g. legal issue or misconduct against authority), people will show you devotion and unconsciously support you. If you are proven guilty, you will get fair treatment and if you are innocent then you will be set free.

  15. You will radiate strong attraction and charm, but react gently. You can use it to draw attention from the one you love. In relatively quick time he/she will fall in love with you.

  16. If you love someone, but that person hasn’t fallen for you yet, then you can make him/her love you with Love Stone Magic. If he/she is indeed your match, then your way will be easy. If he/she isn’t, then you will soon meet the one.

  17. You will soon find  a suitable match if you are having difficulty in finding one. If you are ready to get married age-wise, mental-wise and material-wise but have yet to find a suitable significant other, with Love Stone Magic you will shortly meet the one you expect.

  18. You can use it when starting a conversation with someone you just met in hope he or she will like or love you, as long as your intention is good.

  19. Increasing your husband’s or wife’s loyalty to avoid unfaithfulness. Energy radiation of Love Stone Magic can lock your partner’s heart so he/she will love only you.

  20. Increasing household tranquility, with respect to each other and no quarrel.  Suitable for families which frequently experience arguments stemming from small matters. Radiation of love energy from Love Stone Magic will set home atmosphere at peace.

  21. Getting your cheating partner back without him/her feeling influenced by mystical power. Your cheating partner will realize his/her mistake and immediately end his/her affair.

Besides 21 benefits we mentioned above, there are still many more benefits you can gain from Love Stone Magic. You can imagine how your life will be if so many people love you. Living with overwhelming love from those you want most. Undoubtedly, you will gain many positive benefits after using Love Stone Magic for a period of time. All your problem in love, by God’s will should be resolved easily with Love Stone Magic.

How many types and colours of Love Stone Magic are there?

We have 2 types and 2 colors of Love Stone Magic. You can choose whichever you like. When you order, mention the type and colour you want. See image and specification below.


Type Spear Diamond Circle Diamond
Image & color mustika1
Dimension & Weight Middle thickness: 5 mm
Middle width: 7 mm
Length: 21 mm
Weight: 6 gram
Thickness: 6 mm
Diameter: 12 mm
Weight: 6 gram
Application on ring

mustikacinta1 mustikacinta2

NOTE: Above specifications are approximate. Because the crystal used as medium is hand-made, it’s possible that the size can be slightly bigger or smaller than what we mentioned above.

If you order Love Stone Magic, you will get a crystal stone as seen on above picture. After receiving it, you can take it to jewelry store to be applied on ring or necklace. We apologize beforehand for not serving Love Stone Magic in form of ready-to-use ring because choosing design and size for costumers is not easy.

You can also use Love Stone Magic by putting it in your wallet or pocket. It doesn’t have to be applied on ring or necklace. What’s important is you have to bring it along with you as often as possible.

How to use Love Stone Magic?

After receiving Love Stone Magic, you need to do an ‘activation’ so it’s energy starts to unite with you. Without activation, energy of Love Stone Magic won’t radiate. When activated, the energy will automatically activate and reveal your aura. After that you only need to bring along Love Stone Magic as often as you can or bring it with you when necessary.

When bringing Love Stone Magic, it’s energy radiation will make you look more attractive and grant you love power. You don’t need to conduct any ritual, Love Stone Magic is ready to use and you can feel it’s benefits.

Whereas for special purposes, there is an affirmation you need to recite to clarify your intention. You can aim energy radiation of Love Stone Magic for certain needs by directing your intention and clarifying it through affirmation recitation. For example, with serious intention, you can aim energy radiation of Love Stone Magic to make certain people love you more.

How is the filling process of Love Stone Magic?

Love Stone Magic is made by conducting spiritual process which takes 7 days of meditation on certain times. This meditation serves to compile universal energy which is set by special mind power to focus on love power or romance. Love Stone Magic doesn’t contain any evil spirit, only pure energy of the universe like inner force, prana force, or chi.  

During the span of 7 days process, we only produce 41 Love Stone Magics. Basically, we don’t sell Love Stone Magic because any sale concerning magical objects is not appropriate. If there is a determined mahr, you should intend to give it as well-deserved credit for our effort to help you.

How does Love Stone Magic work?

Love Stone Magic works by activating and balancing heart’s chakra (centre of emotions, feelings, love and affection) while revealing your aura of beauty. Aside from that, Love Stone Magic also multiplies your aura radiation. Using Love Stone Magic is similar to using additional battery to make a greater radiation of love power from you. Therefore, no wonder many people feel huge change in them after using Love Stone Magic.

What is the percentage of success in using Love Stone Magic?

We all know that nothing is perfect in this world. No medicine gives definite healing. No meal satisfies all. Not all prayers are granted. Human can only try and God is the one deciding. 

Love Stone Magic is a spiritual means for your inner effort, of which we know that inner effort is needed to complete real effort in achieving love and affection. We have been counting statistical calculation of Love Stone Magic user satisfaction. So far, around 97% of users have stated their satisfaction with their attained result. Success percentage of 97% is considered really high. 

If you are a positive thinking person, then you should know that Love Stone Magic deserves a try. Because those who think positively always focus on success possibility (97%) instead of failure percentage (3%). 

As written in hadith that, “I am as My servant thinks (expects) I am”, people with positive thought are usually more successful then people who tend to be pessimistic. In the end, using Love Stone Magic or missing an opportunity with 97% success percentage is your decision to make. We will never coerce you to use Love Stone Magic.

As you already know, Love Stone Magic has helped many people in achieving a life full of love. The key of success in using Love Stone Magic is your intention should be based on love and affection, not on a desire to forcefully gain control over another people. Live in harmony as determined by God, then you will receive overwhelming love in your life.

How much is the mahr to get Love Stone Magic?

Mahr for Love Stone Magic is only USD 70. Free delivery cost to all area of Indonesia using POS Indonesia. For abroad delivery the additional cost is USD 25 using Express Mail Service (EMS).

If compared to it’s benefits, mahr for Love Stone Magic is nothing. And we don’t want you to see this as a sale of invisible supernatural power. According to Islamic teachings we follow, invisible things is unsalable. When you give the mahr, regard it as charity or donation, a sign that you appreciate other people’s work to make Love Stone Magic. Give the mahr as a form of your affection.

If you insist to use the term ‘buying’ then the one you buy is the physical form of Love Stone Magic, that is a crystal stone in shape and colour we show you on this site. Whereas invisible and supernatural benefits of it can be seen as a bonus. You can not buy benefits of Love Stone Magic like buying bread for your meal. Love Stone Magic is not a determiner of anything in your lovelife. It’s only a medium to help you achieving your goals in easier way.

Using Love Stone Magic is similar to using sophisticated cellphone. No matter how sophisticated a cellphone is, if you don’t utilize it’s features, then you won’t feel anything special from it. The same goes to Love Stone Magic. If you just let it be without doing any real efforts, then it won’t help you. But if your inner effort with Love Stone Magic is followed with real efforts, then you will gain exceptional result.

Is there a warranty?

We guarantee that you will receive Love Stone Magic in the exact same shape and colour as your order. We also provide consultation service regarding Love Stone Magic as long as we still live. The point is, we are ready to help you till you gain success. Those are the warranty we can provide.

If you want a money back guarantee, then choose Special Love Stone Magic. Special Love Stone Magic is custom-made Love Stone Magic which is specially made for you with a money back guarantee on it. The making process of Special Love Stone Magic takes 3 days time. For this process we will need a picture and complete personal detail of yours because Special Love Stone Magic is made in accordance to your personality. There will be certain method for using it.

Mahr for Special Love Stone Magic isUSD 450. It has 12 months warranty. Which means, if after 12 months of using it you are not satisfied with it’s result, you can return it to us and we will give your mahr back if you propose a refund. For complete information about Special Love Stone Magic please click here.

From beneficial aspects, Love Stone Magic and Special Love Stone Magic are the same. What makes them different is that Special Love Stone Magic provides money back guarantee and is made one by one specially for you. Because it’s custom-made and taking quite some of our time, the mahr is higher than ordinary Love Stone Magic.

Is using Love Stone Magic allowed?

Islam allows moslems to gain blessing from blessed objects. In Islamic history we also find many magical objects which contain magical power by God’s will. For example, zam zam water is known for healing and prayer granting as told by the Prophet himself.

For instance, Prophet Solomon’s ring, Prophet Moses’ staff, Prophet Mohammed’s cloak, Prophet Joseph’s clothes and many more. You may gain blessings from blessed objects as long as you faithfully believe that those blessings are from God. But it will be prohibited if you believe that Love Stone Magic is in possession of it’s own power aside from God’s. Furthermore, please read Is using magical objects allowed?. In the end, whether or not you want to use Love Stone Magic is your decision to make. We only try to explain a spiritual solution which is in our field of expertise.

How to get Love Stone Magic?

There are two ways. You can come in person to our office in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. You can also order by transferring to our account, and we will send Love Stone Magic to your address.

Complete information can be found on How to order or contact Order Department by calling (+62)82223338771 or send your email to Phone numbers above are active during office hours, from Monday to Saturday, 8 am – 4 pm (GMT+7/West Indonesia Time Zone).