Is Using Magical Objects Allowed?

In our opinion, the answer is YES. But basically whether or not it’s allowed  depends on your belief. If deep in your heart you believe it’s allowed, then go on. If you don’t, then don’t force yourself.

To us, everyone has the right to believe in different opinion or view regarding the usage of magical objects as inner means to achieve certain goals. And we, as magical objects devotees, have our own argument about magical objects usage. If you have different argument, we expect you to be tolerant toward those who differ in opinion with you.

Magical object is a certain object in possession of other benefits aside from it’s physical one. For example, Prophet Solomon’s ring. Physically, it only served as a finger jewel, but God blessed it with His power so it could perform various miracles. When it was stolen by Ifrit, the ring enabled him to perform miracles as done by Prophet Solomon himself.

Societies and scholars have different views on magical objects. But difference is mercy, not a reason to argue or fight. Opinion or faith difference is a normal occurence in human life. Even in Islam, of which holy book is accepted by all moslems, there is always opinion difference among the scholars. The same thing happens in all other religions.

We hereby explain our own view on magical objects usage, which is supported by hadith or lessons from prophetic stories. In our opinion, using magical objects is allowed, as long as you believe that all blessings come from God. It’s also important to choose the source of those magical objects. If they come from good source (e. g. from dhikr blessing), then it’s good.

But using magical objects can be prohibited if you believe that said objects are in possession of their own power aside from God’s. And if the magical objects come from dark magical practice, it’s certainly forbidden. We advise you to avoid any magical object with spirit in it, as we don’t know whether or not the spirit is a good one. Evil trickery is often so refined that even a scholar can be fooled when he’s off guard.

History and hadith prove that using magical objects is allowed as long as our faith is settled. By which we mean all miracles happen by God’s will. Below we mention hadith and prophetic stories for your consideration:

Blessing of Zam zam water

In a hadith narrated by Bukhari-Muslim was mentioned that after drinking zam zam water Prophet Mohammed PBUH uttered,  “The best water on the surface of the earth is that of Zamzam. In it there is food for the hungry and a cure for the ill.”

Prophet Joseph’s clothes

Through a shirt, God healed blindness as explained in Surah Yusuf verse 93: Take this, my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father, he will become seeing. And bring me your family, all together.”

Prophet Mohammed’s robe

Sayyida Asma bint Abu Bakr said : This was God’s Messenger’s cloak with A’isha (God be pleased with her) until she died. When she passed away, I got possession of it. The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) used to wear it, and we washed it for the sick so they could seek cure thereby.” (Sahih Muslim, no: 2069)

Prophet Mohammed’s hair.

Hadrat Safiya (ra) narrates that the cap (helmet) of Khalid ibn Walid contained some (blessed) hair of Prophet (Peace be upon him). When that cap (helmet) fell in some battlefield, he started to search for it, when many Sahaba were martyred in that battle, the people strongly complained about (what he did). At this he replied: I did not try so to find just the cap, actually It contained the (blessed) hair of Prophet (Peace be upon him) and I feared that It might get into the hands of Mushrikeen and I might lose the Barakah of it (Qadhi Iyaadh in Ash-Shifa, Volume 1, Page 619).

Prophet Mohammed’s Wudu Water

As Narrated by Abu Juhayfah: When Bilal stepped out with what was left of the Prophet’s ablution water, the Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet) rushed to take it; some of them took a little of it and others took much. It was authentically reported that during the Treaty Of Al-Hudaybiyah, whenever the Prophet (peace be upon him) spat, his spittle would fall into one of hands of the Sahabah who would rub their bodies with it for the blessings it contained.”

Prophet Solomon’s ring

As told in Surah Shaad verse 34, Prophet Solomon owned a ring with holy sentence written on it. This enabled him to command the whole nature, including human, animal and spirits. One day his ring was stolen by Ifrit, making him shoved aside from his kingship and replaced by Ifrit in disguise. It happened by God’s will to remind Prophet Solomon who let his wife conduct idolatry at that time. After a long process of repentance, Prophet Solomon gained his ring back and ruled again in his kingdom.

Prophet Moses’ staff

Prophet Moses owned a wooden cane blessed with miracles, such as turning itself into giant snake to defeat Fir’aun’s sorcerers. Another notable miracle is when it split the Red Sea so Prophet Moses and his followers could pass without drowning. It once hit a rock and from said rock emerged 12 water sources for 12 Israeli tribes. As a believer of God, you wouldn’t believe that the staff was divine. You believe that the staff was only a medium of God’s favour, the same goes for Love Stone Magic.

Now you’ve read our explanation on magical objects usage. From now on, it’s your decision to use Love Stone Magic or to reconsider it. As a free human, you have an absolute right to determine your own view on Love Stone Magic  or any other magical objects.

Hope this could shed some light on this matter.

Walllahualam bissawab (God, the All-Knowing One).