Love Stone Magic User Testimonies

Below are testimonies or real life experiences of Love Stone Magic users. We received these testimonies by mail before we wrote them down. For confidentiality, we disguised names and identities of testimony senders.

Radiating Aura After Love Stone Magic Activation

When I was activating Love Stone Magic according to given guide, I felt like exiting a thick veil which had been blocking my aura for all this time. After using Love Stone Magic, I could feel my aura radiating. Slowly but surely I changed to be a more attractive individual. Many people wonder how I become prettier than before, like radiating some inner beauty from inside. Some of them have been asking my secret, but I won’t let them know.

Freed from Romance Misfortunes

If compared to men in general, my look is fine. But I didn’t know why it was so hard for me to find a girlfriend. Every woman I ever approached always backed off without any reason I could understand. My friends used to wonder about my lacking of a love life, too. Like my aura was concealed. Then I found out about Love Stone Magic which is an aura opener. After using Love Stone Magic, my lovelife changed. Romance misfortunes that used to follow me are now gone. I now have a charming life with several girlfriends, even though I only want to settle down with one. For me dating is introductory, we may select from many women to find the best one among them.

A Pleasurable Inner Beauty

My purpose of using Love Stone Magic was to emerge my inner beauty. And emerge it did. Some of my co-workers even wonder why I look more attractive now, in spite of wearing the same make-up and attires. They say my face radiates calmness and peace, especially when I’m smiling. A pleasing smile, they say. With my now-emerged inner beauty, I get more friends in my office and they are all good to me. Even my supervisor is gradually softened. Hope my career goes well.

Loved by Many

After using Love Stone Magic, it’s proven that my face looks brightened and radiates pleasurable aura. I notice that everyone around me, including my friends, family, co-workers and my superior now loves me more. Love Stone Magic makes my life happier.

I Used to be Despised

I didn’t  know exactly why people used to despise me. At school, I was a walking target of bullying. At college I was shunned and defamed. Even in my workplace there used to be many people who didn’t like my presence. I tried so hard to be a better person and avoided offensing anyone, but I was still hated. One day I read about Love Stone Magic. At that time I wished my problem would be solved with it. After getting and wearing Love Stone Magic for a few weeks, I slowly noticed that people started to change their behaviour toward me. Those who used to hate me are now my friends. Those who used to be good to me are now even better. I feel so lucky to find Love Stone Magic unintentionally from the Internet.

My Gentle Boss

I work in a well-known private bank. I like working there because the salary is good and so is all my co-workers. There used to be no problem, but after our head of branch office was replaced with a new one, my job became problematic. My new boss was moody and demanding. Because I was the one who interacted with him the most, I was automatically the one who got yelled at most of the time. Sometimes I was even blamed for something I didn’t do. I was almost depressed. But fortunately I tried using Love Stone Magic which I found from internet. Otherwise, I would still be working under pressure until now. After using Love Stone Magic, my boss gradually softened his attitude toward me. Now he’s no longer as strict. He even teaches me how to improve my career. I feel that energy radiation from Love Stone Magic, other that fixing my personality as a whole, also fixing personalities of those around me to be more positive.

No Longer Unfortunate After Using Love Stone Magic

You might say that I was an unfortunate woman in romantic relationship. Physically speaking, I was considered pretty. But everytime I built a relationship, there was always obstacle. Most of the time I was cheated, sometimes it was due to principle difference or because I felt he only loved me for my physical appearance. It was awfully hard to find someone who could love me for who I was. My friend advised me to conduct certain ritual somewhere, but I refused. Then I chose to use Love Stone Magic. The result was very nice. After a few weeks, I found someone I had been yearning for all this time. He is a good looking, mature and financially settled man who sincerely loves me and he is everything I ever expected of a man. I’m now so happy because our parents have agreed on our relationship. Thanks to God, with Love Stone Magic as a medium, my misfortune was solved.

My Husband Loves Me More

After 6 years of marriage, I felt my husband’s love decreasing. He was no longer as passionate as he used to be. Maybe it’s boredom that caused him to be rarely home and preferred to hang out with his friends in antique cars club. I was worried that he would cheat on me. I once tried asking him to stay home more often or take me with him to his activities, but he became enraged. Since then I realized that I should do something to gain his love back. When I was browsing with my cellphone, I found Love Stone Magic. To get further information, I later visited the website with my laptop. Finally I ordered one Special Love Stone Magic. It arrived after a few days at my brother’s house, I asked for it to be sent there to avoid my husband’s suspicion. He loves me more ever since, just like at the beginning of our marriage. With Love Stone Magic, I feel safe and no longer worrying about the possibility of my husband cheating with another woman.

Singing Career

I used to be an ordinary cafe singer. Every weekend I sang in a cafe in West Jakarta. My income after singing for 3 years was not improved at all. I had tried to give my best performance, but still none was interested with my talent. Then a friend of mine advised me to use Love Stone Magic. This friend I’m mentioning had been using it before and she said it’s good for people who work in front of public. I tried to order Love Stone Magic and used it at every performance. I started to notice changes. Everytime I sang, there was more attention from my audience. Seemed like they were fond of my performance. Some of them even asked for my my phone number to get to know me. Another even invited me to sing in various occasions, such as birthday parties or office gatherings. As my income raised, I also got more friends and experiences. I often went out of town for singing invitation. I’m currently learning to write my own song, hopefully there will be some producer who recognize my talent. By God’s will, with Love Stone Magic my singing career will be smooth and bright. 

Fair Investigation

I work as financial manager in a national private corporation in Jakarta. Long story short, I was briefly negligent in managing corporate finance and later accused of corruption. I believed there was an inside person who wanted to get rid of me from the company. I was worried that my investigation process would be unfair since the officer in charge was not really fond of me. Maybe he was jealous of my position. To be honest, I was not a person who believed in supernatural kind of things. But because I was bewildered, I just followed my friend’s suggestion. Unexpectedly, the investigation I worried about turned out to be on my side. The person who initially made fraudulence was later revealed. I was grateful to be freed of charge. I admit I was negligent, but it was unintentional and apparently someone tried to use my brief negligence to set me up. But in the end I was saved. Now I believe that in this world there are magical objects which bear invisible power by God’s will.

My House is a Paradise Once Again

Since my husband got promoted to a department head, our household harmonism became disturbed. Perhaps due to his tight schedule, my husband rarely went home and even if he did he was always too tired. Or maybe because of his work pressure, my husband became moody and irritable. A little wrong opinion from me could enrage him, let alone a mistake. We were, indeed, living better financially. But our household harmonism was deteriorating. In confusion, I tried to seek solution for my problem. Then I found I later called Nusantara Parapsychology Association to order Love Stone Magic. Since I used Love Stone Magic, our household harmonism recovered slowly. My husband became more patient and lovable. If he encountered any problem in his work, he preferred to share it with me instead of blaming it on me. Thanks to Nusantara Parapsychology Association for making Love Stone Magic. Now my house is paradise once again. May a lot more families be helped with it.