Special Love Stone Magic

We realize that in giving service to affluent society, there will be customers who demand special request, for example, in term of warranty. As we explained before, order transaction of Love Stone Magic is not a sale, because magical objects can’t be sold. You give mahr to appreciate those who spent their time and resource to make Love Stone Magic. Because it’s not a sale, then there is no money back guarantee.

Even so, there are customers who prefer guaranteed Love Stone Magic. Therefore we provide Special Love Stone Magic with money back guarantee. It’s specially made for you in accordance to your name, birthdate and personality character. This way the benefits will be maximum.

The truth is, benefits of Love Stone Magic and Special Love Stone Magic are the same. What makes them different is just that Special Love Stone Magic is specially made for you and it has money back guarantee. Special Love Stone Magic’s shape and color are same to ordinary Love Stone Magic.

For Special Love Stone Magic, there is money back guarantee in 12 months. Which means, if you already used Special Love Stone Magic as we instructed for 12 months and the result isn’t satisfying, we can return the mahr you paid for if you see fit. In one condition, you have to return the Special Love Stone Magic to us.

You have to understand that this guarantee only applies after 12 months, so you have enough time to prove it’s benefits. We also avoid people who order Special Love Stone Magic for fun and demanding refund after a while.

Please note that there is 20% administration fee if you propose a refund. This fee is allocated to cover service cost and package delivery.

Honestly, in our opinion, money back guarantee for spiritual product is out of place. Because it’s like ordering meal in a restaurant, but since the meal doesn’t go well with our taste, we refuse to pay. Meanwhile, chef in that restaurant has been doing his/her best to cook our ordered meal.

But to fulfill request from those who want a money back guarantee, we are willing to give Special Love Stone Magic along with it’s warranty. Hopefully, people who didn’t believe in our product at first would feel it’s benefit themselves.

We basically never coerce anyone to use Love Stone Magic. In providing spiritual service, we hold on to our principle that: We try to provide services as well as we can. If you like, please order. If you don’t, don’t force yourself.

The making process of Special Love Stone Magic takes 3 days time. As process requirements, we need a picture of yours and your personal details because this Special Love Stone Magic is custom-made. In using Special Love Stone Magic, there are also special methods that should fit your personality.

Mahr for Special Love Stone Magic is  USD 412.

Those were our explanation about Special Love Stone Magic and it’s money back guarantee. From now on, decision is in your hand whether or not you want to order Special Love Stone Magic. If you want to order one, please read  How to order.